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S P E C I A L I Z I N G   I N  T H I N G S   E Q U I N E
1231 Della Road - Dubach, LA 71235
(318) 251-0210 (318 245-4565

A little something about the way we work

We shoot strictly digital. My wife, Candace, works with me at the shows, and handles the photographer's display. She's great with people and has worked with horses for most of her life. While I'm off shooting the show, Candace collects my compact flash cards (electronic film) and prints and displays the proofs, so they can be available for viewing, sometimes within minutes of the ride thanks to our digital printers, each of which spits out top quality, dye sublimation proofs at a rate of one every 90 seconds (or so). Clients can purchase the proofs and order prints and enlargements from them. We make the photos available up to 20" x 30" and can provide them on coffee mugs, tee shirts, mouse pads, desk clocks, etc. Most photo orders (up to 12" x 18") will be available for pick up at the show. If exhibitors must leave before their order is ready, they are delivered by priority mail. Merchandise items take longer.

Some wish to know what kind of equipment we use 

I'm presently using a Canon D30 digital SLR, and find that most of my work is done with a Canon 70-200mm L f2.8 series lens with image stabilization (IS). This is a top of the line Canon lens and it really makes me look good! I also occasionally use Canons 28-70mm, L series for close up's (portraits & awards) & some candids, and a 75-300mm IS lens. My 2X converter doubles the focal distance of any of them with no noticeable degradation of image quality. My standard flash is also a top of the line Canon (so I guess you could say I'm a Canon fan. I've used Canon since 1971), and my pro-flash (rarely used at English shows) is a Quantum X2D with booster to double the power from 200 watt seconds to 400 watt seconds.

Regarding our set up requirements

We are fully self-contained in our motor home/mobile office and use our own tables, though an extra banquet style table usually comes in handy if one is available. 30-amp electrical service is ideal for our needs, though we've gotten by on 20-amps. The motor home is also where we prepare special orders. If we are not able to use the motor home with our display, we try to set up with consideration to rain, wind and dust and, most importantly, easy access for our exhibitors (horses like to look at pictures too!). "Vendors Row" is frequently set up for the general public to access. Since our product is not geared towards the general public and we bring no product to sell other than the photos we shoot, we prefer to be close to the exhibitors frequently setting up our motor home at the arena(s) or near the stables.


We are members of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and Equine Photographers Network (EPNet). 

Free stuff!

We are not a vendor. As the listed "Official Show Photographer" and in return for use of the utilities for our motorhome, we are most pleased to provide the show committee/manager as many as ten award or other show photos with copyright release as needed for promotional use at no charge. That's a savings of up to $450! These photos would be for your sponsors and for show promotion only. 

References are available at your request. We've shot some well-known shows in our multi-state area and we'd be happy to provide names and contact information. Feel free to contact us any time.