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Championship Show VII
Somervell County Expo Center
Glen Rose, Texas

September 23 - 25, 2005

This is the fun, amateur-friendly show!

Amateur Owner to Ride DIVISION! & High Point!
Novice Rider DIVISION & High Point!
Bozal performance and gait classes!

GAIT DIVISION with separate Champion and Champion of Champion classes for Geldings, Mares and Stallions!
Great trophies and Prizes!!


Somervell County Exposition Center
Glen Rose, Texas
September 23-25, 2005

Hon. Juan Manuel Rizo-Patron

Show Manager: Cathleen Sullivan
Show Secretary: Naomi Scull
Show Steward: TBA
Gate Steward: Donna Hemphill
Ring Steward: Kelly Bliden
Barn Superintendent: Dave Maggard
Announcer: Cathleen Sullivan
Awards and Trophies: Rita Rothenberg
Hospitality: Camino Real PHC
Ribbons: Harrison McDonald
Official Show Photographer: Malcolm Salmond

Website: www.peruviandigest.com/caminoreal/

Approved for a minimum of double points by the PPHRNA and AAOBPPH

ENTRIES: Horses must be entered under their full registered name. No horses will be permitted to compete unless properly entered on the entry blank, which must be signed by the owner or agent and properly accompanied by the required entry fees, stall or grounds fees and tack room fees. A separate entry blank and separate check for each owner is required. DO NOT lump payments for several owners onto one check. Checks shall be made payable to the Camino Real Peruvian Horse Club and mailed with the entry to the address listed herein. The management agrees to cancel and refund entry fees for any horse not fit to show, providing a Certificate of Disability from a qualified veterinarian is received by the Show management by Thursday, September 22, 2005 before 4:00 PM. Substitutions: $10.

A copy of the registration papers (PPHRNA, AAOBPPH, Canadian) for each entered horse must accompany each entry. Entries will not be processed without them. (PPHRNA program is being used-PPHRNA preferred). BE SURE TO BRING PAPERS for post-entered horses. A current copy of the Coggin's test must accompany the entry. ORIGINAL must accompany the horse to the show grounds. Proper payment must accompany the entry. If an exhibitor desires to add classes, horses, or incurs any other expenses during the show, these must be paid for immediately or the Show Secretary must be given a signed, currently dated, blank check. 

Regular classes $30.00
Novice and Junior classes $20.00
Championship classes N/C
Ch of Ch classes:
If entered directly (returning Ch) and
NO other classes entered: $50
If entered through classes at this show
Or other show classes entered N/C

Post entries will be allowed at: $20.00 per horse and will be accepted by the Show Secretary up to four classes prior to the one being entered

Cross entries for both breeding and pleasure division classes are permitted and encouraged! We like to see versatile horses!



SEND TO: Mrs. Naomi Scull
6708 84th Avenue NE
Norman, OK 73026
(405) 364-8370

HEALTH CERTIFICATES AND PROOF OF OWNERSHIP: Texas requires a Health Certificate signed by a veterinarian within 30 days of the show and a Coggins test less than one year old. Out of state exhibitors should check with your vet for additional requirements in your state. A CURRENT COPY OF COGGINS MUST ACCOMPANY ENTRY. ORIGINAL COGGINS MUST ACCOMPANY HORSE. All animals are subject to a physical examination by the Show Veterinarian, free of charge, as a safeguard against communicable disease.

STABLING FACILITIES: Each horse entered in this show and remaining on the grounds overnight must have an assigned stall. 

Box Stalls and Tack Stalls: $65 End Stalls: $100

NO STALLS will be assigned without proper entry form and payment. Horses must be placed in assigned stalls and no change will be permitted without consent of the Barn Superintendent. Stalls will be ready Thursday September 22, 2005. Arrangements for arrival at the show grounds prior to this date must be made in advance and will incur an additional $10/day/horse fee. A limited number of rubber stall mats are available for $20/weekend and may be reserved on your entry form on a first come, first served basis. All exhibitors are advised to bring buckets, snaps, hay nets, fans, and all other items necessary to care for their horses. Shavings will be available on the grounds for approximately $5.00/bag. Night security has been arranged and payment is required: $5.00/horse.


We would greatly appreciate any support you can provide to the club to help us continue to keep your expenses low for class fees and stall space. Please sign up to sponsor one or several classes on your entry form. Sponsors will be acknowledged by the announcer. Thank you.

All regular/junior/novice classes $30
Champion classes $50
Champion of Champion classes $75

PRUEBA FUNCIONAL: A Prueba Funcional is not required at this show. 

Everything is being done to conduct this show at the highest level and for the pleasure of exhibitors and spectators. The best adjudication officials to be found have been selected and they will award placement to the horses as they see them presented in the ring without regard for previous records or performances. The CRPHC is desirous of fair treatment for all exhibitors and in return asks for the cooperation of all in helping make this show a successful and enjoyable event. Every person who participates in this show is responsible for a knowledge of and is subject to the current rules and regulations of:
1. The PPHRNA by-laws
2. The PPHRNA Book of Peruvian Horse Showing
3. The PPHRNA Peruvian Horse Breed Standard
4. The PPHRNA Code of Ethics
All showing procedures and judging percentages as well as definitions, class descriptions, descriptions of gear and attire, rules and regulations, conduct and ethics and conditions for this show are described in the above named publications.
All Exhibitors, Handlers, Riders and other persons participating in the show are responsible for a through knowledge of all rules and regulations. Copies of the above publications can be obtained from the PPHRNA.

RESPONSIBILITY: All entries will accepted with the understanding that the CRPHC, PPRHNA and the Somervell County Exposition Center will not be held responsible for any loss, personal damage or injury to horses exhibited, or for any article of any kind or nature that may be lost or destroyed or in any way damaged. All horses shall be under the control and direction of the Show Committee but solely at the risk of the exhibitor who will be responsible for any injury that may be occasioned to any person or animal or damage to any property while on the grounds by any horse owned or exhibited by him and shall indemnify the management against all claims and damages of any kind or nature, including attorney fees and court costs that may arise out of any injury occasioned by any horse owned or exhibited by him or arising from any cause whatever including the negligence of himself or any other person in charge of any such horse.

JUDGE'S AUTHORITY: The Judge shall have the authority to place any horse in whatever position in a class that he thinks the merit of the horse justifies. The Judge has the right to make favorable comments over the public address system about the horses shown before him but shall make no negative comments.

SUBSTITUTION OF JUDGES AND OTHER OFFICALS: In the event that the Judge (or other official designed herein) is unable to perform his duties due to circumstances beyond his control or for any other reason, the CRPHC reserves the right to substitute another approved official in his place. 

NOVICE: For the purposes of this show, a Novice has won no more than a total of two (2) blue ribbons in any approved, pointed shows. 

MAIDEN: For the purposes of this show, a Maiden is a horse that has never won a first place ribbon at any approved, pointed show. 

JUNIOR CLASSES: Junior Classes will have two divisions for judging purposes. The two divisions will be 6 years to12 years and 13 years to 18 years. Age is determined as of January 1, 2005. Depending on the number of entries, the two age groups may be in the arena simultaneously but will be judged and presented awards separately for each age group.


The exhibitor's potluck supper is a favorite at our show. The supper will be held in the foyer between the barn area and the arena on Saturday Night. The club will arrange for the main dish of meat. Please bring side dishes (chips, dips, salads, breads, vegetables, desserts, etc.). You may prepare the item or buy your contribution at a local grocery/store/restaurant. The Camino Real Club will provide plates, silverware and some drinks. Please sign up on your entry form (so that we can plan for enough food!) and join us for a relaxed informal meal, fun, and camaraderie. There is a nominal fee 


HIGH POINT BREEDER: The PPHRNA point system will be used to determine the award based on the points accumulated by the best 6 (six) horses in their qualifying classes. "Qualifying Classes" are defined as those classes, which qualify a HORSE for any championship.

HIGH POINT BREEDING EXHIBITOR: The PPHRNA point system will be used to determine the award based on the points accumulated by the best 6 (six) horses in their qualifying classes. "Qualifying Classes" are defined as those classes, which qualify a HORSE for any breeding division championship.



1. Fillies of 2002 (2 year olds) Halter
2. Geldings Gait - 7 years and over**
3. Fillies of 2001 (3 year olds) Halter
4. Performance Gelding - Bit - 4 yrs and over, Open (amateur or professional)
5. Produce of Dam - (2 horses, Bit or Bozal)
6. Geldings in Bozal - 3 or 4 years of age*
7. Amateur Performance Mare - Bit - 4 to 6 years of age
8. Luxury Geldings - Bit - 4 to 6 years of age
9. Amateur Performance Mare - Bit - 7 yrs and over
10. Performance Stallions - Bit - 4 yrs and over, Open (amateur or professional)
11. Stallions Gait - 7 years and over**
12. Colts of 2002 (2 year olds) Halter
13. Colts of 2001 (3 year olds) Halter
14. Champion/Res Junior Colt
15. Champion/Res Junior Filly


16. Mares in Bozal - 3 or 4 years of age*
17. Luxury Geldings - Bit - 7 yrs and over
18. Get of Sire - (3 horses, Bit or Bozal)
(Scheduled 20 minute Break)
19. Mares Breeding - Bit - 4 to 6 years of age
20. Amateur Performance Stallions - Bit - 4 - 6 years of age
21. Stallions Breeding - Bit - 7 yrs and over
22. Ranch Conjunto - 3 horses, owned by the same Ranch, bit or bozal
(Scheduled 20 minute Break)
23. Mares Breeding - Bit - 7 yrs and over
24. Amateur Performance Geldings - bit - 7 years and over
25. Stallions Breeding - Bit - 4 to 6 years of age


26. Trail Class - Gambler's Choice - (held in warm up arena area)
27. Mares Gait - 7 years and over**
28. Ladies Sidesaddle - Bit - Amateur Performance 
Special Side-saddle Class Award: Donated by Alice Wolf
29. Junior Equitation - 12 yrs of age and younger
30. Junior Equitation - 13 yrs and over
31. Amateur Performance Gelding - Bit - 4 to 6 years of age
32. Stallions Gait - Bit - 4 -6**
33. Amateur Novice Rider++ - Bit - Performance (G,M,S)
34. Amateur Owner to Ride - Breeding (G,M,S)
35. Geldings Gait - Bit - 4 - 6 years of age**


36. Stallions in Bozal - 3 or 4 years of age*
37. Maiden Horse - Bit - Amateur Performance + (G,M,S)
38. Bozal Gait - 3 to 4 yrs of age (G,M,S)
39. Junior Bareback - 12 yrs of age and younger 
40. Junior Bareback - 13 yrs of age and older
Scheduled 20 minute Break - PASO DOBLES PRESENTATION
41. Mares Gait - Bit - 4 - 6 years of age**
42. Amateur Novice Rider++ - Breeding (G,M,S)
43. Amateur Owner to Ride - Gait - Bit (G,M,S)
44. Champagne Challenge - Adults , Copa de Agua - Juniors ( run as one class - two sets of ribbons)


45. Lead Line (Riders under 6 years of age, Helmets recommended - No entry fee)
46. Performance Mares - Bit - 4 yrs and over, Open (amateur or professional)
47. Junior Performance - 12 yrs of age and younger 
48. Junior Performance - 13 yrs of age and older
49. Amateur Owner to Ride - Performance - Bit - (G,M,S)
50. Bozal Performance - Open - (G,M,S)
51. Amateur Novice Rider++- Gait - Bit - (G,M,S)
52. Amateur Performance Stallions - Bit - 7 years and over


53. Junior High Point and Reserve Junior High Point for each Division Awards Presentation (QC 29, 30, 39, 40, 47, 48)
Special High Point Junior Awards: VetLine (www.vetlineequine.com)
54. High Point Amateur Novice Rider - Award Presentation (QC 33, 42, 51)
55. High Point Amateur Owner Rider - Award Presentation (QC 34, 43, 49)
56. High Point Breeder - Award Presentation (QC All Ch qualifying classes)
57. High Point Breeding Exhibitor - Award Presentation (QC All Breeding Division Classes)
58. Champion and Reserve Champion Bozal Horse (QC 6, 16, 36) - 1st AND 2nd place horses)
59. Champion and Reserve Champion Gait Gelding (QC 2, 35)
60. Champion and Reserve Champion Gait Mare (QC 27, 41)
61. Champion and Reserve Champion Gait Stallion (QC 11, 32)
62. Best Gaited Horse of Show: The winner of the Jose' Antonio Dapelo V. Perpetual Trophy for Best Gaited Horse of the Year - Will be selected by the Judge - Perpetual trophy donated by Alice Wolf and James Johnson ) Awards presentation only
63. Champion and Reserve Champion Open Performance Horse (QC 4, 10, 46)
64. Champion and Reserve Champion Amateur Performance Gelding (QC 24,31)
65. Champion and Reserve Champion Amateur Performance Mare (QC 7,9)
66. Champion and Reserve Champion Am. Performance Stallion (QC 20, 52)
67. Champion and Reserve Champion Luxury Gelding (QC 8, 17)
68. Champion and Reserve Champion Breeding Mare (QC 19, 23)
69. Champion and Reserve Champion Breeding Stallion (QC 21, 25)
70. Champion of Champions Gait Gelding (QC 59, and #)
71. Champion of Champions Gait Mare (QC 60, and #)
72. Champion of Champions Gait Stallion (QC 61 and #)
73. Champion of Champions Open Performance Horse (QC 63 and #)
74. Champion of Champions Amateur Performance Gelding (QC 64 and #)
75. Champion of Champions Amateur Performance Mare (QC 65 and #)
76. Champion of Champions Amateur Performance Stallion (QC 66 and #)
77. Champion of Champions Luxury Gelding (QC 67 and #)
78. Champion of Champions Breeding Mare (QC 68 and #)
79. Champion of Champions Breeding Stallion (QC 69 and #)

Barrida of Champions, Champion of Champions, High Point Award Winners (Juniors may ride in the final barrida with written parental consent)

(G,M,S) Geldings, mares, or stallions may enter this class
* The 1st AND 2nd place horses qualify for Class 58
** The 1st AND 2nd place horses qualify for their respective championships
+ Maiden Horse - Horse has not won ONE blue ribbon in a recognized show
++ Amateur Novice Rider - Rider is an amateur who has not won more than TWO blue ribbons in a recognized show
# - Pre-entered previous CRPHC Champions and PPHRNA and AAOBPPH National Champion of Champions.

THE SHOW MANAGEMENT reserves the right to combine small classes for judging purposes and to split classes with large entries.

TRAIL CLASS - Gambler's Choice

This will be a timed class, 3 minute limit. Various obstacles will be available in the arena. Obstacles may include (but are not limited to) sidepassing, opening and closing gate, putting on/taking off slicker, moving flag, moving bucket or cans, walk/gait over, bridge, backing pattern, "water" tarp, dragging obstacle, etc. Each obstacle will have a point value based on its degree of difficulty. A chart of point values will be provided prior to the class. Riders can negotiate obstacles of their choice in any order. Only obstacles completed correctly will be scored. Each obstacle may be negotiated more than once, HOWEVER, ANOTHER OBSTACLE MUST BE NEGOTIATED BETWEEN EACH REPEAT ATTEMPT.


All exhibitors should be prepared for the following maneuvers: small circles to the left or right, figure "8", stop and stand quietly, efficient movement through serpentines, backing straight, walk on a loose rein, paso llano and sobreandando, other movements such as side-passing, turns on the forehand or hindquarter, etc. may be asked for by the judge at his discretion.


To participate in the Amateur or Amateur Novice classes, a rider must have an Amateur Declaration on file with the PPHRNA. These forms will be available in the show office if you do not yet have one on file this year.


The no Conflict of Interest statement, the Arbitration Agreement, and the Equine Liability Declaration on the back of the entry form must be signed or your entry will not be accepted.

Parents of Junior riders, please be sure that the Parental Consent statement on the entry form has been signed.


RV Hookups: Must be arranged in advance with Somervell County Expo Center, $15.00 per day paid directly to Expo Center


Glen Rose Inn & Suites
Highway 67 (PO Box 1126)
Glen Rose, TX 76043
Tel. (254) 897-2940
Toll Free: (800) 577-2540

SPECIAL SHOW RATE: Double room: $52/night
To get this special rate please mention:
Camino Real Peruvian Horse Show

For reservations please call:
(254) 897-2940
Toll Free: (800) 577-2540

We are holding rooms but make your reservations EARLY because housing is limited in Glen Rose. Rooms and this room rate will only be held until September 17, 2005. Thank you!

Alternate Hotel:
The alternate hotel is the Best Western Dinosaur Inn and Suites. This hotel is new and very nice. Call and negotiate your best deal.

Dinosaur Valley Inn and Suites
1311 NE Big Bend Trail
Glen Rose, Texas 76043
(254) 897-4818
Toll Free: (800) 280-2055
Fax: (254) 897-4828
Email: guest@dinosaurvalleyinn.com

Somervell County Expo Center is located on Highway 67 west of Highway 144. 35 miles from I-35 and 47 miles from I-20. 
Granbury - 17 miles
Fort Worth - 45 miles
Dallas - 75 miles
DFW Airport - 70 miles
Waco - 70 miles
Austin - 160 miles