DAY I - JANUARY 17 (open) &18, 2004 (full) 

DAY 2 - FEBRUARY 7 (full) & 8, 2004 (slots available)

Peruvian Pleasure Horses of Texas (PPHOT) is pleased to invite you to participate in an equine de-sensitizing clinic at Carousel Acres in Wellborn, Texas. Gregory Sokoloski, a T.E.C.L.O.S.E. certified instructor and Mounted Houston Police Officer assigned to new horse training and evaluation will conduct the desensitizing clinic. The full clinic requires two days. The first day is mostly ground work; the second day is mostly under saddle. Many of you have already participated in Day 1 of the clinic on September 13 or 14, 2003. Equine of any breed and age are eligible to participate in the Day 1 Clinic. Only equine under saddle that have participated in the Day 1 Clinics held September 13, or September 14 or January 18, 2004 will be eligible to participate in the Day 2 Clinics held February 7 & 8, 2004.

The clinic will begin at 8a.m. and end about 4p.m. with a break for lunch. There are twelve (12) participant slots each day. You may audit the clinic at no charge. The clinic fee will include a catered bar-b-que lunch for the participant and bottled water. You may purchase lunch for your companions for a fee paid in advance. Lunch will be delivered only for those prepaid, as the caterer will not be on the grounds.

Priority will be given to current PPHOT members who submit their application by November 15, 2003. Clinic participation will be available to anyone on a first come, first serve basis after November 15, 2003. Each participant slot will cost $70; PPHOT members may participate at the reduced rate of $60. Those wishing to become members of PPHOT can complete an application, pay the $35 membership fee per family, and qualify for the reduced rate. Their membership will be for the remaining 2003 year and all of 2004. (The clinic fee has increased to reduce the PPHOT treasury subsidy.)

Complete the Clinic Application and remit 50% of the fee for each participant, plus 100% of any companions’ lunch costs. Brad Raphel, Carousel Acres, has some stalls available for rent at $10 per night. 100% of this fee is required to hold a stall. Mail your deposit to me at the address above. The balance will be due before the clinic begins. Cancellations received by December 15, 2003 will be refunded. Refunds will not be given after December 15, 2003 unless a waiting list exists and another person takes your slot. You can make arrangements with someone else to take your place.

Remember, Day 2 of the clinic builds on Day 1. You should practice what you have learned in Day 1

at home so that the clinic proceeds smoothly. You must bring the same horse to Day 2 of the clinic that was in Day 1. Day 2 will begin with a review of what was learned in Day 1, but with more distractions, and then you get on and ride.  Use a rope halter and 11-12' lead rope.  If you cannot find them at your local store, try the following websites:  http://www.silverdollarqh.com/ (Rope Halter and Lead 12') or http://www.pards.com/ (Ru Rope Halter and Ru Lead w/Popper 12'.



Bring a Rope Halter, 11-12’ Lead Rope (also training stick and string if available)

DAY 1 - JANUARY 18, 2004


-----------------------------------------DAY 1 CLINIC APPLICATION---------------------------------------


NAME:_________________________________     COST PER HORSE: $ ____________

                                                                                                ($70/$60 PPHOT Members)

ADDR:_________________________________         NBR. OF HORSES x __________

CITY/STATE:___________________________         TOTAL CLINIC COST $____________

TEL. NBR.:_____________________________                                                         x 50%


HORSE’S NAME: _______________________

________________________                                             CLINIC DEPOSIT $____________


                                                                                                        COMPANION MEALS $10 x _______ 

                                                                                                        = MEAL COSTS $____________

STALL RENTAL: JAN17/ JAN 18 / JAN 19                             $10 x ___________= $____________

(circle a date or dates)                                                                     (nbr. of nights/stalls)

                                                                                                            TOTAL REMITTED $____________



(circle your preferred date)

-----------------------------------------------DAY 2 CLINIC APPLICATION-----------------------------------------



NAME:_________________________________                 COST PER HORSE: $ ____________

($70/$60 PPHOT Members)

ADDR: _________________________________                 NBR. OF HORSES x___________

CITY/STATE:____________________________                     TOTAL CLINIC COST $ ____________

TEL. NBR:_______________________________                             x 50%

HORSE’S NAME:_________________________

__________________________                                                 CLINIC DEPOSIT $ ____________

COMPANION MEALS $10 x __________                                     = MEAL COSTS $ ____________

STALL RENTAL: FEB 6/ FEB 7/ FEB 8/ Feb 9                                 $10 x ___________ = $ ____________

(circle a date or dates) (nbr. of nights/stalls)

                                                                                                                    TOTAL REMITTED $ ____________


Please fax or mail form to: Mary Edwards (PPHOT Secretary), 2805 Great Valley Drive, Cedar Park, TX 78613, FAX (512) 258-8864