Four Mountains Ranch is owned by husband and wife team Rich Ovenburg and Mary Vinton Folberg. Mary and Rich developed the well-known McMinnville Shows for the NPHC. In addition, they often officiate in Peruvian horse shows around the country, and have had the opportunity to see horses from different parts of the country and to converse with and learn from some of the outstanding judges of the Peruvian horse from the US and Peru. They believe it to be very important to ride the mares and the stallions to which they breed. They work their own horses, from the babies to saddle-training the 3 and 4 year olds, and both believe that working closely with the animals is critical to making good breeding decisions.



Mary with the gelding Sazon, owned by Patty Leonard

Mary on US National Laureado Breeding Stallion, RDS Don Diego de la Vega

Rich Ovenburg's history with horses began with his aunt's big saddlebreds in California. In high school he worked as a jump boy for Portland Hunt Club and during the summer in college he drove teams at Knott's Berry Farm in California. Rich is known in the Peruvian breed for his very important research in his Great Sires series, published every year by Peruvian Digest; this research annually updates statistics on the top-producing sires in the breed and sheds light on breeding-related matters. Rich has also been a sea captain for nearly thirty years, running large fishing vessels in the Bering Sea and tugboats on the Columbia River.


Mary Vinton Folberg grew up in a family of horse owners and riders. With a dislike for the trot, she began working for single foot gaits with the family horses at a fairly early age and has continued her love of gaited equines throughout her life. She has studied Peruvian equitation with some of the outstanding riders and trainers in the US, has studied equine behavior, and has ridden some of the top breeding stallions in the US including most of the Laureado horses the ranch has used for breedings. Mary is Principal of a private high school for arts and academics in downtown Portland.


Mary on HNS Domingo, one of the greatest sires in the Peruvian breed

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