Welcome to Rancho GyS, breeders of champion Peruvian Paso horses.  Owned by George and Susan Henry and located in the low rolling hills of Texas, only 60 miles from Houston.

Over 450 years of selective breeding have gone into producing the ultimate pleasure horse -- the Peruvian. With its four-beat lateral gait, the Peruvian horse gives its rider the smoothest ride in the world. The Peruvian horse is the only breed that passes this smooth gait 100% to it's offspring. Its ancestors were the horses of the Spanish Conquistadors, brought to Peru to conquer the New World. Bred only in Peru, until brought to the United States in the 1950's, the breed has remained pure and dedicated to producing the smoothest ride in the world.

We have a limited number of wonderful Peruvian horses for sale.  Visitors are always welcome!  Please call us at 979-992-3247 for an appointment and join us under the star!

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Rancho GyS Peruvian Horses
George & Susan Henry

PO Box 1274
New Ulm, TX  78950
Tel. 979-992-3247    FAX 979-992-3249
E-mail: gshenry@industryinet.com

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