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Jim & Bonnie Givens
31465 W 127th Street
Olathe, KS 66061


Eddie Gutierrez

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Killcreek Peruvian Ranch is located just a few miles West of I35 on the outskirts of the metropolitan Kansas City area, in a serene rural setting, complete with a large farm pond, which mirrors their gorgeous Peruvians grazing the adjoining pastures, and a scenic koi pond.



Owners Jim and Bonnie Givens have owned and loved this wonderful breed for over 15 years, and only recently became committed to breeding, so they could share their love of the breed with others.  They became enamored of the Peruvians when they were actively field trailing, and needed a sturdy and smooth breed of horse which could handle being ridden for four or more hours a day, in any kind of weather.  The Peruvian Paso fit their needs, and were gorgeous, and a joy to ride, in addition.  Thus, a legacy was born.


Still a modest operation, Jim and Bonnie maintain close contact with their herd on a daily basis, and the Peruvians are like extended family.  They now show their Peruvians at regional and national breed shows, as well as local all gaited-breed shows, almost as frequently as they ride for pleasure or to watch their dogs hunt.  All their horses which have been shown with any frequency have won numerous championships, reserve championships, and champion of champions classes.



They strive to breed horses for sound conformation, beauty, and affectionate dispositions.  Their horses must be able to endure being ridden over all types of terrain for long periods of time, as well as being able to handle the stress of the show ring. 

They encourage you to come visit them and their Peruvians  at their place in Olathe, Kansas.

They proudly stand their stallion, KPR Activio de Fenix, to approved mares.


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