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We are Noble Spirit Land Peruvians, located in south-central Oklahoma, about 45 minutes from Oklahoma City.  Our name reflects our appreciation of the Noble Spirit of the Peruvian Paso and the Native American heritage of Oklahoma.
We breed to preserve the traditional qualities of the Peruvian Paso.  And, now, we welcome Hermes Quijandria as our trainer, training our horses in the classical Peruvian methods.  You can be assured a horse from Noble Spirit Land has been handled gently and patiently to bring out its very best for you.
We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.  If you are looking for that special horse, please click below to view some of the horses we currently have for sale.  And welcome to
Noble Spirit Land Peruvians.

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For more information please contact:
Nancy Brown
12701 E. Post Oak Rd.
Noble, OK  73068
Telephone: (405) 872-0054
Fax: (405) 364-8535

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